Health & Engineering

Health is wealth, a common saying is true for both individuals and the business owners operating in health space. The fast urbanization along-with increasing population puts pressure on the health sector while opening up new avenues of social business generation. The business in health sector can provide valuable services to the customer while at the same time can build up a sustainable business also favourable by the investors. The health sector offers services starting from basic tests to advanced treatments. Engineering helps the health sector by creating solutions both in hardware and software to augment the validation, diagnostics, treatment & tracking of the disease & patients. The use of technology vastly organizes the sector & keeps it manageable.

Capaz wishes to be engaged in the tracking & record keeping of diseases and patients over a larger span of time. Capaz can also assist in identifying disease patterns from the samples of large number of patients or from single patient iteratively. We believe in this process, the resolution to the recurring problems can be identified deterministically & can help save many more lives. Utilizing emerging technologies like blockchain, big-data, ai can be of tremendous help.

Our health experts routinely write for different health sectors. For procedures related to dental sector, you can check here.