Deployment Services

Plenty of softwares are floating the internet these days. Companies want customized products for their specific needs. Nobody seems to make sense of such vast pool of resources and customer needs. Developed and tested solutions ready but still not used is a curse to the industry. Deployment is an essential component of the complete solution process. Successful deployment cuts delay, speeds up RoI and ensures customer and employee satisfaction.

Capaz has it's own offerings in terms of products. Capaz wants to leverage upon this and wishes to bridge the gap of software deployment. Along-with Capaz produced products and services, Capaz can also offer deployment services for third party or open source softwares. The interested persons can be third-party software developers or business entities lacking proper deployment services portfolio, or end-user business, educational or individual entities who want certain software to be deployed to their premises or on their customer premises. Capaz has an array of deployment models to choose from. Contact us if your requirement seems familiar to above description.