Travel Tech

Travel is evolving, so are we. So do the processes to manage & oversee travel are evolving at a pace unmatched. To understand this space and to be able to see the opportunities in this sector, this sector must be closely watched from the expert's point of view. The team at travel, food, music, love, is making inroads into this sector by being on the ground and reporting their observations from the point of view of the travellers so that we get the insights necessary first hand. Be it travel, how to reach a place, what places, what times to go for. Be it the food you can enjoy at those travel places or nearby or better what are food travel options, the sector offers a mix of varieties and also enables us to view it from food perspective where we understand that people travel not just for leisure but also for food which is famous or a speciality. The ambience of the place makes it irresistible to miss being there. Sometimes, we find that music is the reason for people to travel or when people travel to see places they try to find sites of music concerts nearby and that's an important aspect too. And all these we can analyze to get a perspective about the opportunities available in this sector. Once opportunities analyzed, the ability to see where tech has already made inroads and where there is a possibility to introduce tech to make a business case and have value addition not just for the industry people, operators and travellers alike, but also for the investors.

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