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Dentistry for today's times, May 14, 2018

Dentistry in today's times need to assimilate a lot of information, before coming to a conclusion. The aspects of technology touching the lives of the dentist and the patients alike have changed the dynamism in which dentististry used to be practiced. Gone are the days when silo practitioners would carry out dental procedures and often repeated someone else's mistakes. In today's times, there's no need to repeat the mistakes already done by others, Instead give the patient renewed experience of dentistry equipped with knowledge & experience from the learned souls.

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Single use Crown Cutting

Crown Cutting Techniques, May 14, 2018

Crown Cutting techniques have evolved over the years to come in current shape. The technology has enabled the dentists in a way that dentists can perform their procedures in a better way. But at the same time technology has put the onus on the dentist to be abreast of the latest and the greatest.

Solo - Single Use Crown Cutting Burs

Solo - Single use Burs are manufactured, packaged and sterilised in U.S. They have excellent cutting efficacy and outstanding durability.


1. Single use Burs reduce overhead 2. Economically priced 3. Eliminate un-necessary Bur Blocks 4. Easily arranged on step up trays 5. Avail in wide variety of shapes and grits like a) Crown and Bridge shape b) Operative Diamonds c) Finishing Diamonds d) Spiral Turbo Designs 6. Excellent Cutting Efficacy 7. Outstanding durability

Sterilization of Solo - Single use Burs

* Solo Burs are sterilised in U.S. * Solo Burs sent to labs for gama sterilisation * Gamma rays kill micro-organisms * Leaves no residue or radioactivity in the product * Scientifically understood, well controlled and easily validated * After gamma sterilisation, specialised accelerated test is performed * Specialised accelerated test confirms the seal and package Integrity * Guarantees that diamond inside sterile for 5 years

Solo - 856L018C Bur was recently recommended for Economical and Effective all Ceramic Crown removal including Tirlonia Crown.

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Nidhi Mehta

Dentist by Profession, I look forward to disruptive technologies touching the ways a dentist performs one\'s procedures. I aim to distinct myself & my fellow beings by following the best procedures in the industry & to enable myself & other dentists with procedural and relevant knowledgebase about dentistry.

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